The SIIS System to do Amost Everything

The SIIS System to do Almost Everything

Bringing Rural Back Podcast

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I talk to a lot of people. Everyone has something they want to accomplish, but they cannot figure out how to even get started. I found myself consistently give a modified version of the exact same advice. I just recently realized that this advice could be applied to almost everything. I myself am applying the principles that we are about to cover on my blog, homestead, and in our families preps. These same principles can be applied in starting a new business, learning a new skill, developing a community, or really anything.

After you have decided something is a good idea you can either jump in half cocked or you can diligently research your idea. I have done a little of both, but after you have done all of the research you want to do you are faced with the action steps. The problem many people run into is they don’t have the money to get started, or at least they think they don’t. Many people run to the bank and ask for a loan. This is fine sometimes. Sometimes though an idea for a business or homestead is difficult to explain. If you don’t have good credit or a sound business plan the banks will not loan you money. Even if they will, you have placed yourself in debt or as I am beginning to view it, you have placed yourself in bondage to the loan company. This is true of every aspect of life. I know that it is nearly impossible to buy a home or land without getting a loan, after that you can do most things on your own with a lot less money.


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