Selecting Your First Firearm

Selecting Your First Firearm

Bringing Rural Back Podcast

Firearms are a hot button topic right now. I know they have been for some time, but our current political environment has made it more so that I have ever seen. Acts of violence have convinced some that all firearms are evil and others that they are absolutely necessary. I will be honest, I am very pro 2nd Amendment. I have owned firearms for most of my life and I have never shot, let alone killed anyone. Our current president is in favor of some type of gun control, we honestly don’t know what type he wishes he could achieve, but we know for now he has limits on what he is able to do. One thing is certain. Every time our president talks about advancing gun control, gun sales soar. President Obama is arguably the greatest gun salesman in history, whether he knows it or not.  To read the full post go HERE


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